“Anyone who stops learning is old,

whether at twenty or eighty.”

– Henry Ford

Image source: Light inside library

The list below is some sources I found really useful, especially for myself. I started collect those things on July 2019. Not all the articles I read or new things I learn will be added here. I just added some of them that I think they’re essential and will be useful.


Git Bisect

~ Added on Jun 14, 2019.
Recently, I just knew what Git Bisect is and how it helps me a lot on debugging process. Git Bisect help you to find commit that introduced a bug on your codes. It works by comparing commits then mark each of tested commit as good or bad commit until you find which commit introduced the error. I found this article help me to understand it A beginner’s guide to GIT BISECT – The process of elimination.

Git Rebase

~ Added on Jul 14, 2020.
It has been couple of years I don’t perform git rebase for updating a PR on the forked branch. Basically, it’s very useful to update your PR branch and keep the commits on your PR clean. I found this wiki help me to review it How to Rebase a Pull Request.


Regex Cheatsheet

~ Added on Dec 31, 2019.
Couple weeks ago, I was working on stuff that requires a lot of regex implementation. It was overwhelming for me to review it again on some tutorial sites. However I found an article on Medium titled Regex tutorial — A quick cheatsheet by examples very useful to remember some basics stuff.



~ Added on Mar 06, 2020.
Yesterday, I was reviewing a plugin and found out there are a lot of hooks used on that plugin. It was a bit confusing me because some of them are really strange for me and not really sure which ones are being called first. So, I searched them on the old codex Action Reference and Filter Referene to understand what they do and when they are fired.


~ Added on Aug 05, 2019.
In the last couple of weeks, some apps released security update and articles. It becomes hot issue today. I think it’s good time to review back my knowledge about PHP security standards, especially on WordPress. I found 10up Engineering Best Practices article is really helpful for me. WordPress team also has some tips to harden your website.


ES6 For Beginner

~ Added on Feb 15, 2020.
It has been 2 years I fully started working with Javascript and learned ES6 for the first time. Today is the a good time to review it back. I know there are a lot of ES6 tutorials out there, but I found the tutorial from Tutorialspoint – ES6 Tutorial is very useful and easy to follow.