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Ayub Adiputra

Web Developer focus on WordPress and React

WordPress enthusiast and Core Contributor from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Failed mechanic, Dota 2 addict and a die hard Milanisti. Currently, I’m working remotely as Junior Developer at Elegant Themes.

Short Story

I’m a WordPress enthusiast from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I also contribute to WordPress community as Core Contributor and Yogyakarta Meetup Event Organizer. I really love Dota 2 and a die hard Milanisti. Forza Milan!

I supposed to be mechanic 10 years ago. Until I got an accident and realised that mechanical engineering is not my passion. I switched my path to study computer engineering and falling in love with Web Development.

Currently, I’m working remotely as Junior Developer at Elegant Themes to develop awesome quick features and maintain The World #1 WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder, Divi.

Web Developer

Focus on WordPress and React

I started my web development career on the end of 2013 when I was joining local startup on internship program. Worked as  Part Time Junior Developer and playing a lot with Codeigniter and Laravel PHP frameworks.

It has been 5 years and a lot things happen. Now, I focus on WordPress theme development and most of the time work on React stuff. I’m working remotely as Junior Developer at Elegant Themes to develop awesome quick features and maintain The World #1 WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder, Divi.

Check my LinkedIn if you curious to see full story about my career.

Current Works

On March 2018, I joined Elegant Themes as Junior Developer. It’s a great opportunity for me to join awesome team who maintain The World #1 WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder, Divi. I’m learning about Javascript, ES6, and React, writing better codes, understanding better workflow, build good communication, and many more.

I get a lot help and support to improve product qualities while upgrading my skills to the next level. In the result, we’re able to finish a lot of exciting features. Quick Access, Bulk Editing & Multiselect, and Options Harmony v2 are some feature where I’m in charge as main developer.

Videos source: Elegant Themes YouTube channel

Quick Access

Quick Access is a feature to help user access specific options quickly and to understand the options group and where the affected elements located. So, users can design their pages faster.

Bulk Editing & Multiselect

This feature helps users to select multiple different modules at once, like holding CMD or SHIFT control does. By selecting those modules, we can edit multiple similar settings they have and also perform copy, delete, reset, or even drag & drop actions at once.

Options Harmony v2

This is a massive update to add hundreds of new Divi design settings. Expanding responsive and hover options, harmonized missing options on similar and parent-child modules, full text settings, new image options, new button & fields options, fill missing translations, adding help text to all settings, and introduce easier way to access other features.

Past Works

On the end of 2013, I joined Tonjoo, as part time apprentice while studying computer engineering on UII. I was in charge as Junior Backend Developer, worked a lot with Codeigniter & Laravel, and finish some information system projects. One and half years later, I was hired as full time Web Developer and focus on WordPress based projects and theme development. At that time, we also submitted a free WordPress theme called Mino. It was awesome experience and help me to build basic foundation as web developer.

On the end of 2016, I decided to look for remote jobs because I feel more productive when working at home. After all the process and interview, I joined Artbees and maintain one of the most popular theme on ThemeForest, Jupiter theme. I also learn some basic about VueJS and Lumen framework when working on various issues. It was great chance to learn more about remote working culture and get better understanding about WordPress theme development.


Especially for WordPress & Open Source Community

Couple of years ago, I met some friends who are contributors of local Laravel community. They told me that it will be a great thing if we can contribute back to the open source community because we already got a lot of benefits and it’s free.

However, I can’t dedicate specific time right now. I only contribute as many as I can and whenever I have a time for it. And most of all, I’m proud to be one of the WordPress Core Contributor on WordPress 5.1 release.

Image source: WordPress Logo

WordPress, Open Source, & Community

I met WordPress when I joined Tonjoo team as an internship developer. I took more attention to WordPress after decided to take thesis subject in WordPress implementation by creating a theme and custom plugins for an airport website.

The first contribution I made for WordPress was I became part of Tonjoo team when submitting Mino theme to WordPress repository (unfortunately, I can’t find it now). Later on, I become part of WordPress ID translators and event organizer of WordPress Meetup Yogyakarta area. Recently, I was one of many Core Contributor on WordPress 5.1 release.

Other than that, I also shared my personal projects on GitHub repository. Mostly related to WordPress themes and plugins. I hope I can contribute more in the future in different fields or subjects. 

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